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About the Program

From Student to Artist is a 9 months part-time dance education with a closed group of participants.

We  will explore who are you as an artist and what drives you to create.

Detect your unique artistic style and learn how to convey your message to the world.

Learn how to reach your goals, navigate the dance industry while meanwhile maintaining your energy, health and motivation

This program will help you develop your creativity with the skills you already have; and learn how to communicate clearly your vision.


The aim is to understand how to navigate the dance industry, avoiding breakdowns and get to create a fulfilling artistic life. 

Personal feedback will be given during the year and you will be guided through a final projects.

The program values individuality, growth, physical and mental health as well as freedom of expression.


The main language of the program is English 


How Does it Work?

The classes will take place in Trybe Dance Studio in Kurfürstenstr. 3A, 10785 Berlin, Germany.

The program starts in October 2022

and ends in July 2023.


 3 classes per week / 2 hours each

(Specific days and times TBC)

There are no activities during the weekends.


Exception is made for October, all the school holidays from Berlin area for the school year 2022/23 will be respected. 


Selection after application and interviews.

Application Deadline TBA for the school year 2022/'23

Who is the Program for?

We are looking for students who have a strong passion for dance and arts; and are motivated, hard working, humble, respectful, open to new ideas and who can work with a group.

Dance level required:

Advanced, Semi-Pro & Pro

Minimum Age 18 Years Old

Any form of discrimination, hate or violence will not be tolerated and can result into the student’s expulsion.

More About the Program


Exploring the different ways can you move with what you already know.

General topics that will be approached are: time and space awareness, overcoming habits, breathing, musicality, coherence, sensations, emotions and storytelling

Movement Awareness

Exploring who you are as a person and what drives you to be an artist in order to be efficient in the way that you create and take artistic choices. Topics that will be approached are: biography, passion, mission, vision, resonance, inspiration, role models, skills and more.

Self Awareness

Researching how your biography makes you the artist you aim to become and what makes your art unique and personal. Topics that will be discussed include: aesthetic, feeling and meaning.


Learning how to maintain your sanity; and eventually make money out of your craft.

Topics that will be introduced are: mindset, effective training, objectives and goals, feedback tools, navigate through the industry, energy management, motivation, realise your vision, maintain health, and more

Artist Life


€3,090 - One Time Payment (incl. tax)

€365 - Monthly Payment (incl. tax)

(365 x 9 months = 3,285)

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