How to stick together as a community during challenging times.

Aktualisiert: 21. Okt 2020

We want to send a message of hope for our dear community in the hour of need.

A reminder that kindness and trust in each other is what keeps our humanity from fading.

As you know we are all facing the Corona Virus, it is everyone's individual responsibility to take precaution measures in order to preserve our health and in turn our community's health.

We need to act unitedđź’Ş, everyone plays a part in containing this, if we don't, not only we'll face the health problems coming with the virus, but we'll come out a broken Tribe.


You can help us make the studio a safe space by:

- washing your hands before and after your class.

- avoid touching eyes, noses, mouths and don’t share water bottles.

- if you are not feeling well, please stay at home.


One of the greatest problems we'll face in this process is isolation.

Social isolation is already a modern "plague", it's cause for many mental health problems and it's often putting at risk even physical health.

For security measures we'll probably face a period of physical isolation in some extent, where staying home will be the best option left.

Stay Connected



Technology gives us the chance to keep contact with each other without the risk to spread the virus, so in days where the burden of isolation feels heavy just call your family, text your friends and check up on them, cheer them up!

In those days a familiar voice and a little positivity are the greatest gifts, it will restore the hope for a better future.

If we manage to stay together in hard times we'll become a strong and supportive Family.

Be there for each other, we'll be there for you.

Your Trybe Team


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