How to Use Social Media As A Learning Tool - Without Letting It Take Over Your Life

Aktualisiert: 21. Okt 2020

How to Use Social Media As A Learning Tool - Without Letting It Take Over Your Life

(source: Dance Magazine)

Dance Magazine gave us a glimpse of how we can take the most advantage of nowadays’ social media offerings without relying too heavily on it.

Here is part ✌️of their advice:


Learning from social media can be enriching, however you need to get in touch with your teachers to get consultation about certain stretches or techniques you have seen on social media and would like to incorporate in your practice. Social media is no “one size fits all approach” and should always be used carefully and with reflection. ⠀ "Some of the stretches you see people doing aren't healthy," says Brandy Brinkerhoff, a teacher at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, Utah. "Even if they are legitimate, if you're not ready and you try anyway, you can get seriously hurt."


Another important point brought up, is that watching dance for example in the form of choreographies on social media can blind your vision once learning in the studio. You might incorporate harmful, simply wrong or unhealthy techniques in your dance continuously which might make it harder for you to unlearn them again and learn it correctly once in class. We always need to stay critical of the information we are receiving.

Dance Magazine states: “Social media is no substitute for going to a live performance, signing up for a master class or making a meaningful, face-to-face connection. And if you're lucky enough to be training at a school that also houses professionals, don't lose sight of what's right in front of you.”

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